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Sushi Momo, Montreal

RestaurantsPosted by Dave Wise Sun, February 17, 2019 03:54PM

No glowing review of Sushi Momo (and the internet is overflowing with them) could have prepared us for how sublime an experience eating at this restaurant really is. The vibe is friendly, relaxed and refined and the choice of sushi unusual and extensive (not just your usual avocado rolls!) and the presentation beautiful.
The restaurant originally served both fish and veggie options but, the waiter told us, the veggie dishes far outsold the fish so several years ago they decided to go vegan. We are glad. You can taste, see and feel that the chef has experience of many types of cuisine, and there's an inventiveness at work here that too many vegan chefs seem to consider unimportant but which we love, especially within the context of Japanese culture, and all the precision and homage to beauty that the art and history of the country conjours up.

It really is difficult to pick a favourite dish - we ate a great deal here and it was all superb - but I'll highlight the 4 Mushroom tartare (shimeji, enoki, pleurote and portobello with green onion, avocado, fukujin zuke, bubu arare, taro chips and a truffle-miso emulsion)…

...the GYU Fried Tempura (I've never had a fried sushi roll before and this was quite magnificent with it's extra layer of crispy texture, which I loved)…
...La vie en rose (beetroot, avocado, tempura flakes, takana, green onion and sweet and yuzu infused soya sauces)…
...and the Oma (a fried avocado maki presented in a goblet, topped with a sweet tofu tartare, cucumber, mango, avocado, fried leek and shredded sweet chili.

For desert we had a chocolate raspberry cake and a matcha cake with a drizzle of maple syrup. Amazing. And for the quality you're getting, the prices are very reasonable.

This is not just a restaurant for vegans, any lover of sushi/excellent food is going to have a wonderfully memorable visit. Try to make a reservation, it's often booked out.

Sushi Momo -

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